Technical Library Installation Instructions

Installation & Maintenance Instructions

General Product Installation Instructions download

Description Product Codes
AVA Series Advice Sheet  
AVA3.0 - Single phase VSD for small fans & pumps  
Compact Cooler Standard CCS634 
DCV Installation & Maintenance Instructions  
Ezifit Thru Roof Exhaust Fan Ø150mm ECE152M, ECE152T, ECE154M, ECE154T 
Ezifit Thru Roof Exhaust Fan Ø200mm ECE204M, ECE204T 
Fantech EC Fans - Type 1 Direct Connectivity Guide  
Feedback Control Eco-speed Fans ESAP..FC, ESPCE..FC 
Manual Control Eco-speed Fans Superseded - refer to QA memo regarding to ECO-SPEED Fan ranges & Motors 
Ezifit In-Wall Exhaust Fan EIE150 
Aluminium External Grille (Fixed Louvre) ELDA200 & EKDA250 
Ezifit Thru Roof Relief Vent Ø150mm ERV150M, ERV150T 
Ezifit Thru Roof Relief Vent Ø200mm ERV200M, ERV200T 
Ezifit Thru Wall Exhaust Fan EWE154, EWE152 
Misting Kit Product Advice Sheet  
FSW154-Filtered Supply Air Wall Unit.  
Hydor HAC Installation Instructions  
HHD2500 Installation & Maintenance Instructions  
HV Stylvent Weather Cap Installation Instructions HV-150CAP, HV-230CAP, HV-300CAP 
JetStream Fan Ø150mm JCE152-1, JCE152-3 
Jetstream Fan Ø150mm JCE152-1SJK, JCE152-3SJK 
Jetstream Fan Ø200mm JCE202-3 
Fantech Car Park Ventilation BACnet Intergration. Fantech EC Jetvent System BACnet to BMS Guide 
Jetvent Analogue System  
Jetvent Digital EC System  
Jetvent ANALOGUE Switch Board Controller Kit - Quick Start  
Jetvent Digital EC Fan Mounted Controller Kit - Quick Start  
Jetvent Digital EC Switch Board Controller Kit - Quick Start  
Jetvent Mixed-flow Impluse fan JIU-CPMF.. 
Jetvent Axial Impulse Fan JV.. 
Jetvent Warehouse Ventilator fans JVWD6, JVWE6 
LSD - Linear Slot Diffuser Part Numbers LSD125-600A, LSD125-600W, LSD225-600A, LSD225-600A  
Minitube Duct Mounted Fan (Plastic) MTP… 
Minivent, Minitube, and Ring Plate MT.., MT.., RP.. 
OdourVac - OVK1 OVK1 
OdourVac - OVK2 OVK2 
Profile Fan PFC.., PFA.. 
Rickard Constant Volume Swirl Diffuser  
Rickard Design Guide, System Limitation & Component Description  
Rickard MLM PC Software User Manual  
Electronic Controlled Vairable Air Volume Ceiling Diffuser  
Thermo-Disc Mechanically Controlled Variable Air Volume Ceiling Diffuser  
Rickard Wall Stat Guide  
Rickard Wall Stat Extended Guide  
In-Line Duct Mounted Fan RIL-150SW & RIL-200SW  
In-Line Duct Mounted Fan RIL-150T & RIL-200T  
In-Line Duct Mounted Fan RIL-100 & RIL-150  
RiteVent Ceiling Grille with Cutout RCG150 
Roof Mounted Fans & Cowls Inst Guidelines MV.., AD.., AE.., RDE.., RDS, RVE.., RSS.., CD.., CE.., CHD.., CHE.., HC.., SS.., MRV.., RV.., RVV.., LVV.., CGD.., CGE.. 
Ring Plate  
Ring Plate/Vogue Radius Template for Hole Cut-out RP.., VRP.. 
Skylight Kit for HCM HCM-150CAP, HCM-180CAP 
Stylvent Reversing Switch Wiring Diagram SRS 
TC Three Phase Step Transformers  
Fan Control Thermostat  
Tile Fan TFA.. 
VA2.0-3PL Installation Instructions VA2.0-3PL 
VA2.0/VZ6-4PL Installation Instructions VA2.0/VZ6-4PL 
VA5.0 - speed controller  
VA8.0 & VA10.0 - Speed controller  
VentMajor Duct Fan VM.. 
Superseded - Vogue Wall/Ceiling Fans (Metal) VRP.. 
Run-On Timer (4pp) VZ6, VZ24C, VZ12 
Power Sense Module  
VZ2-10TS Installation Instructions VZ2-10TS 
VZ6-4PL Installation Instructions VZ6-4PL 
Dual Period Delay Run-On Timer  
Warranty Warning Sheet  
WhisperJet Fan & Attenuator Kit WJ.. 
Plastic Wall Tube Installation Instructions WT..PPK 
Zoo Fan ZFH30 / ZFH60 Installation and Operation Guide  
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