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The quiet achievers - New Gamma and Heritage Ultra series
September 26, 2017

Fantech’s series of Gamma centrifugal roof units and Heritage vertical exhaust roof units have been extended to include high air flow, low noise Ultra models.

Fantech’s Ultra series, which also includes the recently released PowerLine in-line range, feature Ziehl-Abegg’s innovative Mixed-Flow impeller with high performance blade geometry. The Ultra series can achieve up to a staggering 30% additional air flow compared to the standard model of the same size, without generating higher noise levels.

The increased air flow of the Ultra series often enables a smaller fan, than the standard model, to be selected to meet the specifications. This has the flow-on effects of reduced capital outlay, lighter weight for installation, lower energy consumption and less noise. Furthermore, a lower noise level may mean that less acoustic treatment is required to achieve target noise levels and building occupants benefit from a quieter working environment.

All Gamma Ultra series units are available with an EC motor for further savings in running costs. On the larger models, the EC motors are a simple ‘plug and play’ system as they can be preconfigured by Fantech with the required parameters. This means the installer doesn’t need to have specialised control programming knowledge.

The compact and low-profile Gamma Ultra units feature a robust, lightweight construction and come fitted with birdmesh to prevent the entry of birds and vermin into the ducting or building.

The inlet geometry and housings of the Heritage Ultra range have been optimised to further help improve air flow performance and minimise noise levels. The increases in performance were all verified by performance testing to ISO5801:2007.

The Heritage unit has a durable galvanised steel construction and can be powder coated in a number of colours as an option. The removable windband is fitted with quick-release toggle clamps to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

The Gamma and Heritage Ultra ranges can now be ordered and are available in sizes from 250 to 630mm impellers.

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