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Silent Series – Range Extension
May 1, 2013  |  share:

Since launching the TD Silent 150, 200, 250 and 315mm in-line fans, Fantech is pleased to introduce the 100mm and 125mm models which will complete the Series.

Just like the earlier models, sound waves produced inside these new units are directed through a specially designed perforated internal skin and are then captured by a sound-absorbent membrane. The result is a fan that operates quietly & efficiently which makes it perfect for apartments, hotels, hospitals and offices where rooms are often close together and low noise output is a priority.

All TD Silent fans are fitted with a plug and lead, can be set in high or low speed and come with an integral mounting foot.

The body of the TD Silent fans up to 200mm are easily removed from the ducting by opening the clamps located on the plastic straps. These plastic straps form part of the mounting bracket and hold each end of the fan in place with the help of a special ribbed rubber gasket. This gasket also helps to further reduce vibration and noise. An additional rubber gasket is also included on the inlet and outlet spigots which absorbs vibrations that can sometimes be heard as noise. These rubber elements are integrated into the advanced composite body design.

Another unique feature of this fan is its 360° rotating junction box that makes it easier to connect the power cable in tight spaces.

The body of the TD Silent 250 and 315mm can be removed from the ducting for cleaning and maintenance by removing 4 screws at each end of the fan. To help minimise the fans dimension and ensure a strong construction, these two sizes are made from durable sheet steel and finished in a protective epoxy polyester paint.

The complete range of TD Silent in-line fans are now available from your Fantech Office or agent.

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