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PowerLine ULTRA. The quiet achiever
March 31, 2017  |  share:

Architects, engineers and developers are constantly searching for ways to reduce the running costs of a building without compromising the comfort of building occupants.

The innovative PowerLine Ultra in-line fan uses an advanced, mixed flow impeller design with high performance blade geometry. It produces up to a staggering 30% more air flow than current PowerLine models of the same size, without generating higher noise levels. It means a smaller and lighter PowerLine Ultra that consumes less energy and produces less noise could be a viable alternative. In most cases an Ultra will produce similar air flows to the next size larger in the standard model and meet the specifications required.

Fantech’s Engineering Manager Kerry Dumicich explains “The ground breaking design of our new Powerline Ultra offers continued savings to building occupants through reduced running costs and a quieter environment.”

The PowerLine Ultra is available with an AC or EC motor for further savings in running costs.

PowerLine Ultra with EC motor features fully integrated, infinitely variable speed control which eliminates the need for external VSDs, current overloads and motor phase protection. Kerry said, “Optional matching sensors monitor the ambient conditions and provide real time feedback to the fan. The fan’s microprocessor then adjusts the impeller speed and therefore modulates the ventilation rate to match the areas requirements. ” The Powerline Ultra with EC motor is a simple ‘plug and play’ system which means the installer doesn’t need to have specialised control programing knowledge.

The PowerLine Ultra range is available in 7 sizes ranging from 315 to 630mm diameter. Its case is made from robust, yet lightweight galvanised steel with easy to fit 35mm TDF profile flange connections.

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