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Ultimate performance – super quiet operation
October 3, 2016  |  share:

Advanced impeller and housing design combine to make Fantech’s Ultimate ceiling-mounted header box fan the quietest and most powerful in its class. A fully optimised inlet cone and centrifugal impeller maximise air pressure and helps produce strong, efficient air flow performance. This ensures rooms such as toilets, bathrooms and laundries are cleared of steam and unpleasant odours quickly and quietly.

The Ultimate header box fan comes with a stylish square or round diffuser making it ideal for modern residential and small commercial buildings. Its design includes a unique, low resistance non-return backdraft damper to increase air flow performance and minimise outside air entering the building when the fan is off. A low profile compact design and side exhaust outlet allow the fan to be mounted between floors and in rooms with limited ceiling space such as those featuring cathedral ceilings.

Speed of installation was also a major design focus. The Ultimate features a removal spigot that simplifies duct connection, and high strength swing clips that make installation into a standard 10"" round cut out easy. The swing clips are simply rotated to hold the fan body in place and screws tightened so that the clip clamps onto the ceiling board. The fan comes complete with a plug and lead to further speed up installation and an easy to remove grille so that cleaning is simple.

The Ultimate header box fan is also available with a 3 to 15-minute adjustable run-on timer. This allows the fan to continue operating for a pre-set time after it has been turned off to improve ventilation and prevent the build-up of moisture and mould.

The aerodynamic and fully optimised design of the Ultimate header box fan makes it one of the quietest and most powerful ceiling-mounted exhaust fans available.

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