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Energy recovery products
December 22, 2009

Air Design is pleased to announce the release of the Modutherm Air Handling range with Energy Recovery (ER) capability. The Queensland-based company, which is part of the Fantech group, can now offer their customers a range which incorporates Klingenburg plate and rotary heat exchangers with airflows to approximately 11,000l/s.

The heat exchanger is the heart of a heat recovery unit and Air Design is proud to be working in collaboration with Klingenburg to supply this component. Klingenburg is a world leading developer and manufacturer of heat recovery components based in Germany.

Air Design’s National Sales Manager Adrian Bartlett said, “Working with Klingenburg to supply rotary and plate heat exchangers added confidence and great value to the Modutherm ER range. Klingenburg has an impressive history and have been in operation since 1982, supplying Eurovent and ARI certified heat exchangers for use throughout the world. They have a selection program that enables accurate product design and a website that is highly informative.”

The units feature an aluminium pentapost frame system, double skin polyurethane panels and unique quarter turn lock panel retention systems providing easy access to components within the housing. The polyurethane has an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP) of zero, which reduces the products negative impact on the environment.

Modutherm Energy Recovery units are available with forward and backward curved DWDI fans or Centrifugal plug fans, and high efficiency deep bed and panel filters. Adrian said “There has been a lot of interest in the range, particularly the models with the Sorption rotary heat exchanger, which transfers both sensible and latent energy ensuring the greatest energy recovery. The rotor has a zeolite coating that acts as a molecular sieve, which in combination with its purge or cleaning sector, ensures no odour molecules are transferred and leakage is kept to a minimum.”

A comprehensive catalogue has been developed to highlight the key aspects of the range. However, if the exact solution is not within the products listed, the Modutherm modular box construction system can be configured to suit individual requirements.

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