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New EC fans expand energy efficiency options
March 15, 2015  |  share:

Fantech has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to developing solutions for energy sustainable commercial buildings by expanding its Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) range of fans and control ancillaries. These DCV systems are efficient and cost effective, with lower energy requirements that can lead to a reduction in a building’s running costs and lower its environmental impact.

To complement Fantech’s extensive range of MEPS fans, additional Electronically Commutated (EC) fans have been introduced to the range. These EC fans utilise integrated electronics and a secondary magnetic field that comes from permanent magnets rather than copper windings to minimise energy loss from the system.

An EC fan is most efficient when installed as part of a Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system. Sensors monitor the ambient conditions in a space and provide real time feedback to the fan. The fan’s on-board microprocessor reads this feedback and adjusts its speed, modulating the ventilation rate to match the specific requirements of the area. DCV ensures that the fan works at full speed when demand requires it, but in periods of low demand, fan speed drops accordingly and a significant reduction in energy consumption is achieved.

Fantech’s range of fans with EC motors now includes Short Case Axial in-line units and Compact 2000 wall units. The Gamma EC Series has been extended with down flow exhaust and supply air models added and a greater range of sizes to the vertical discharge series. The GL Gamma roof exhaust range has also been expanded, as has the Powerline inline EC fan series which now includes 7 models. Most of the EC fans are now available in sizes from 250mm to 630mm and are complemented by an extensive range of high quality controllers and sensors to maximise the opportunities for energy efficiency.

Most models within the new EC range can be supplied individually factory configured by Fantech to a customer’s parameters and the environment they will operate in. Fantech’s unique configuration software utilises the internal intelligence of an EC fan to provide a simple and cost effective EC fan or DCV solution.

The new extended EC fan range with Fantech’s innovative DCV capabilities is a time saving solution that does not require installers to have specialised control programming knowledge and ensures onsite wiring and commissioning are kept to a minimum.

Contact your local Fantech office for further information on our DCV energy saving solutions including both EC and AC fan configurations.

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