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VSD Variable Speed Drives
November 18, 2009

save money by optimising a fans motor energy

Fantech is proud to announce that it can now provide the high quality Vacon range of drives throughout Australasia.

Fantech‘s Major Projects Co-ordinator Peter Cotterell said Vacon had a reputation for manufacturing high quality AC drives that were well sought after by the HVAC industry.

“AC drives are definitely the way of the future,” Peter said. “The technology enhances motor performance, with lower starting currents and reduced running costs contributing to savings on energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

“And when it comes to choosing an AC drive, Vacon are among the best in the world. Furthermore, the technical support offered by Vacon’s premium partner CMG, is second to none.”

Peter said one of the unique features of Vacon drive units was their modular design.

The drives are available with 240, 415 and 690 volt options, a choice of air-cooled or purpose designed liquid-cooled drives and have the capacity for several I/O cards and field-installable conversion kits.

The Vacon NXL is a powerful and compact AC drive well suited to general light industrial applications from 0.75 to 30 kilowatts. Offering a high level of protection, the unit can be installed on the wall without additional cabinets and is ready for immediate integration into the network. With versatile control and programming capabilities, this is a simple, impressive drive that is suitable for most HVAC applications.

Peter said the Vacon NXS was also popular in building services. He said the robust design incorporated effective protection against supply network disturbances, and with a power range up to 90kW at 380-500V, the NXS was a reliable all-purpose drive.

“The beauty of Vacon drives is that they are quick and convenient to install, connect and commission and can be easily mixed and matched to suit individual client needs,” he said.

Fantech can also provide a range of accessories including keypad door mount kits, through-mount adapters for panels, brake resistors, and various filters and varnished circuit boards for corrosive environments.

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