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Demand Control Ventilation
November 14, 2009

The Fantech Quietflow DCV in-line fan range is a new concept that uses sensors to automatically control the amount of ventilation according to the occupancy of a room.

Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the ventilation system and reduces energy consumption.

In the past, most buildings have operated at a constant ventilation rate based on maximum occupancy levels, and this requires a huge amount of energy to drive the fans and condition the air.

Thermostats have been used to control variable speed fans for a long time, but DCV is a major advancement because it also takes into consideration whether a room is being occupied and at what level. As a result there are significant energy savings.

Classrooms, theatres, shopping centres all have one thing in common – they do not need to run at full capacity all the time. The number of people in any part of the building at one time varies considerably through-out the day and, as such, so do the ventilation requirements.

It makes sense that a fan works harder when there are more people in a room and that the fan speed is reduced as people leave the room.

To achieve this, the DCV system is available with a series of different sensors which continuously monitor the conditions in the room and feeds the information back to the on board DCV zone controller in real time. The controller then adjusts the Quietflow fan speed, modulating the ventilation rate to suit the environmental conditions and occupancy levels of the room.

Sensors are available to measure differential pressure (0-300 Pascals); temperature (0-50°C); relative humidity (35-95% RH); and carbon dioxide concentrations (0-2000ppm).

The Quietflow DCV is a robust, lightweight unit with a galvanised sheet steel casing. It is lined with flame retardant Class O rated acoustic lining which ensures breakout noise is low.

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