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ECOtronic PowerLine EC Series - Centrifugal Fans

ECOtronic PowerLine EC Series - Centrifugal Fans Fantech EcoRange Energy Efficient Fans


The ECOtronic EC Series of Powerline centrifugal fan incorporates an IE5* rated Electronically Commutated (EC) shaft motor delivering ultra energy efficient operation with the benefit of in-built variable speed control. Via a range of common control signals, the ECOtronic can be easily designed into a Demand Control Ventilation system without the need for a VSD and overload protection.

The ECOtronic EC fans are a simple “plug and play” system which means installers do not need to have specialised control programming knowledge. The series is available in 4 sizes ranging from 315 to 450mm diameter.

Typical Application
The ECOtronic Powerline is most efficient in applications where conditions vary during the course of the day such as shopping centres, office buildings, exhibition centres, hotels, health centres, schools and universities.
  • EC motor features reverse polarity protection, locked rotor protection and soft start
  • No additional protection such as current overloads are required
  • Can be manually speed controlled by pressing 2 internal motor buttons
  • Can be remote speed controlled with either a 2-10V or 4-20mA input signal or a 10 to 95% frequency duty cycle
  • Can be run as an independent ventilation source or integrated into most building management systems
  • Maximum operating speed can be adjusted from 1800rpm to 200rpm
  • On board fault identification LED will flash according to fault type
  • Integrated “Fire Mode” function forces motor to continue working under adverse conditions (at full speed)
  • Easy to fit 35mm TDF profile flange connections.
  • Robust, yet lightweight galvanised steel construction.
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C when air velocity exceeds 5 m/s, otherwise -20 °C to +40 °C

Single Phase Models

Product CodeDiameter
@ 3m
[Pa] -Recom


31030  0.37 3.2 54 401 0.54


35030  0.55 4.2 57 542 0.95


40030  1.1 8.9 60 666 1.38
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