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Square Base Vertical Discharge Cowls

Square Base Vertical Discharge Cowls


The Vertical Discharge Cowls are ideal in ducted systems where the fan is mounted remotely below roof level.

They work together with a mechanical exhaust system while preventing the entry of rain when not in use. These durable and robust units are available with a flanged or square base for mounting on circular duct and flues or square upstands respectively.

There are 16 sizes in the range handling air flows from 0.1 to 70m3/s

Typical Application
Used as the discharge point where the fan is mounted elsewhere in the system yet vertical discharge exhaust is required. Ideal in applications such as shopping centres, office buildings and sports centres. The pressure loss through the cowl must be added to the system pressure loss before selecting the fan.
  • Enables the vertical discharge of air while preventing rain from entering building.
  • Steel components have a corrosion resistant finish.
  • Fitted with reliable gravity air-operated backdraft shutters.
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