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TD Silent Series High Capacity - Mixed-Flow Fans

TD Silent Series High Capacity - Mixed-Flow Fans


The TD Silent Series of low-profile mixed-flow in-line fans incorporates a break-through in noise reduction resulting in units that operate very quietly. The low noise levels are achieved through the technically advanced design of the internal construction, which does not impede on the air flow performance of the fan.
There are 6 models in the series, ranging from 100 to 315mm diameter spigot sizes.
Typical Application
Suited to environments that are noise sensitive such as conference/seminar rooms as well as homes, hotels, offices and libraries. Can be used for both supply and exhaust air applications as well as hot and cold air transfer.
  • High performance mixed-flow impeller.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Vibration absorbing elements are integrated into the advanced body design.
  • 360° rotating junction box makes connection of power cable easier (applicable for 100, 125, 150 and 200mm sizes only).
  • Integral mounting foot makes installation more simple.
  • 1 to 30 minute run-on timer available on 100 to 200mm models.
  • Includes plug and lead for easy installation.
  • Convenient 2-speed motor, factory set to high speed (single speed on models with run-on timer).
  • Fan body can be easily removed without disturbing connected ductwork.
  • Single Phase Models

    Product CodeDiameter
    @ 3m
    [Pa] -Recom

    TD-1300/250SIL Lo

    25036  0.14 0.61 43 406 0.31

    TD-1300/250SIL Hi

    25043  0.19 0.83 47 491 0.35

    TD-2000/315SIL Lo

    31538  0.19 0.79 44 401 0.40

    TD-2000/315SIL Hi

    31545  0.29 1.28 50 648 0.47
    Elta Group