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New Generation Series - Downflow Discharge Axial Roof Fans

New Generation Series - Downflow Discharge Axial Roof Fans


The New Generation Series of axial roof units are fitted with adjustable pitch impellers enabling a wide performance range to be obtained from any one unit.

Galvanised steel base, cowls/windbands are of plastic, fibreglass or galvanised steel.
Impeller blades can be GRP, nylon, aluminium or anti-static to suit the application.
Shutters are an optional extra on RDE units. Ensure that the flap hinge points down the slope of the roof.

Type - squirrel cage induction motor.
Electricity supply - 220-240V single or 415V three-phase to suit a wide range of voltages and frequencies.
Bearings - sealed-for-life, ball.
Speed-controllable using frequency inverters.
Motors are selected to suit the application and can be provided with 2-speed windings. In addition, motors to meet Ex d, Ex e, Ex n or D.I.P. Standards can be fitted.
When fans are required for smoke-spill applications this must be nominated at the time of enquiry.

Internal Thermal Protection
Thermistors can be provided on all motors except where Standards specifically exclude their use.

Air flow testing: -
Up to 1000mm diameter - BS848:Part 1, 1980.
1250mm diameter - ISO5801:1995.
Noise testing is based on tests to BS848:Part 2, 1985.

Special Features
Can be mounted at angles up to 30°.
Wide range of capacities and motor options.
Comprehensive noise data for intake and discharge is available on all selections by referral to our sales office.
Designed for use in applications ranging from clean air to smoke spill.
For any applications where prevailing winds may lift the flaps of vertical discharge units, we recommend the fitting of Magloks®
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