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Stylvent Series (Supply)

Stylvent Series (Supply)


The Stylvent Series can be wall or window mounted and is suitable for applications ranging from conference rooms, living rooms, restaurants, swimming pools to shower rooms etc. in homes and offices. Models for exhaust or supply applications available.

All units have weather and impact resistant housings with integral shutters.

Type:- 150, shaded pole induction motor; 230 and 300, external rotor motor
Electricity supply:- 220-240V, single-phase, 50Hz.
Bearings:- 150 - sleeve; 230 and 300 - sealed-for-life ball
Max. amb. temp.:- 150 - 45ºC; 230 and 300 - 50ºC
Motor protection:- 150 - open; 230 and 300 - IP44

Internal Thermal Protection
150 - internal fuse; 230 and 300 - auto-reset type.

Special Features
‘AE’ Range
Can be wired for exhaust or supply air.
For dual use, a reversing switch is available for sizes 230 and 300 only.

Wall Mounting
A kit of threaded rods and sleeves is available as an extra to mount the Stylvent fans onto walls ranging from 25 to 300mm thick.

Single Phase Models

Product CodeDiameter
@ 3m
[Pa] -Recom

HV-230AE Supply

2300  0 0 42 24 0.09

HV-300AE Supply

3000  0 0 45 50 0.19
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