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APV Series - Vertical Mounted Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans

APV Series - Vertical Mounted Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans


The AP Series of axial flow fans is available in an extensive range of variants and air flow performance. They can be manufactured to handle most conditions from ambient air to hot, corrosive or explosive gases and can be ordered in 13 sizes extending from 315 to 2000mm diameter.
Typical Application
Commercial and industrial supply or exhaust air applications such as shopping centres, office buildings and car parks, through to industrial processes and equipment ventilation.

Smoke-spill Applications
The APS Series has been tested to meet the air performance and high temperature test requirements of Standards AS/NZS1668.1:1998 and AS4429:1999; both tests are mandatory.
For advice on smoke-spill wiring requirements refer to the above Standards.

Hazardous Fume Applications
AP Series fans can be made to accommodate requirements for corrosive fume and explosion risk applications. Special coatings and alternative materials, such as stainless steel, are available as well as increased safety motors and anti-static impellers. Our sales engineers are able to assist with requirements, which must be specified at time of quotation.
  • Standard casings are made of durable hot-dipped galvanised steel or pre-galvanised steel.
  • Casings with special coatings such as epoxy paint can be supplied.
  • Casings of stainless steel or other materials can be supplied.
  • Ability to select a fan with a specific impeller pitch angle ensures selections can be made accurately to the specification.
  • All impellers are adjustable pitch aerofoil section.
  • Impeller materials range from GRP (standard), aluminium, nylon and anti-static.
  • Casing designs for direct-drive, belt-drive, smoke-spill and bifurcated applications are available.
  • Can be supplied with motors to meet Ex e, Ex d, Ex nA and Ex tD Standards.
Available in the following variants:
  • AP Series - direct-drive
  • APV Series - direct-drive vertical mounted
  • APS Series - direct-drive smoke-spill
  • APB Series - belt-drive
  • lBFA Series - bifurcated, direct-drive
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