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Ezifit Thru Roof Supply Air – ECE152SM

Ezifit Thru Roof Supply Air

Performance Curve - ECE152SM


The Ezifit Thru Roof supply air fan provides fresh filtered air to internal spaces and is suitable for tile or metal deck type roofs. It includes a high performance fan that makes it suitable for long duct runs and a multiple number of supply points. It produces low noise within the occupied space because the fan is mounted outside the building.
  • Robust, galvanised steel construction.
  • Fitted with a replaceable G2 dust filter.
  • Suitable for tile and metal deck type roofs.
  • Easy and simple to install.
  • Comes with convenient 3-pin plug and lead.
  • Powerful centrifugal fan allows it to provide air to a number of points/rooms.
  • High quality 'Continuous Rated' motor.
  • Speed-controllable with electronic controller.
  • Powder coated finish is an optional extra.
  • Construction
    Galvanised steel construction
    Backward-curved centrifugal impellers
    Duct support straps and removable dust filter included
    Roof flashing piece included, specify roof type (tile or metal) at time of order
    Type - external rotor, squirrel cage induction motor
    Electricity supply - 230V, single-phase, 50/60Hz
    Bearings - sealed-for-life, ball
    Can be fitted with speed-controller
    IP44 motor protection
    Internal Thermal Protection
    Manual reset protection is supplied as standard.
    Air flow Tests to ISO5801:2007
    Noise tests to ISO3744: 2010

    Suggested Specification

    The roof ventilators shall be of the Ezifit Thru Roof supply air series as designed and manufactured by Fantech Pty Ltd.
    The backward-curved centrifugal fans shall be direct-driven by continuous rated speed-controllable external rotor motors with manual-reset thermal protection.
    They shall be constructed from galvanised steel, be suitable for tile and metal deck type roofs and include a 3-pin plug and lead.
    All models shall be fully tested as a complete assembled unit to ISO5801:2007 for air flow and ISO3744: 2010 for noise.

    Technical Data - ECE152SM

    Speed [rps]Avg. dBA @ 3mkWatts (Input)Amps Max.°C Approx. Weight [kg]

    Sound Data

    Type631252505001K 2K4K8K
    Inlet6263 717165 605543


    Wiring Diagram

    Diagram shown is for single-speed only.
    For 2-speed and special motors, contact Fantech for details.


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