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VA.. Electronic speed-controller Single-phase motors only

VA.. Electronic speed-controller  Single-phase motors only


The VA range is an electronic type speed-controller which provides infinite variation of fan speed from 100% down to approximately 30% of full speed.

When used to control a number of identical fans the sum of the full load amps of all the connected fans must not exceed 85% of the maximum rating of the controller.

The fans should be identical.

Power consumption is reduced by up to 70%.

The motors must be designed for speed control.


Check with our Sales Department before using the VA controllers with EV fans, or with run-on timers.


To minimise electronic hum from larger PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motors, a constant active is connected to the start winding via the capacitor and the run winding is regulated by the speed controller. (4 wire connection)

A PSC motor is sometimes referred to as a Capacitor Run motor.

Model Number Maximum Amps mA Mounting Dimensions, mm
VA2.0POT** 2.0 Bracket 25W × 25H × 50D
VA2.0 2.0 Recess 70W × 114H × 36D
VA2.8 2.8 Recess 70W × 114H × 36D
VA5.0 5.0 Recess 70W × 114H × 51D
VA8.0† 8.0 Bracket 114W x 74H x 63D
VA8.0-RC10† n/a Recess 70W × 114H × 51D

Enclosure rating - IP00 

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