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Compact 2000 Series – CPD0504FHP

Compact 2000 Series

Performance Curve - CPD0504FHP


The Compact 2000 Series of square plate axial fans is a high quality, robust product with 10 sizes ranging from 250 to 800mm diameter. They are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications and can be speed controlled to better manage energy consumption.
  • Robust high quality construction.
  • Inlet guard is incorporated as standard for models 025 to 063 and is an optional extra for models 071 and 080.
  • The 040 to 063 size range in 3 phase are fitted with 2-speed star/delta motors as standard.
  • Capable of operating across a wide temperature range; -20oC to 70oC.
  • A flying lead with junction box and 20mm dia flexible conduit is fitted as standard to models 025 to 063.
  • Can be mounted in any position.
  • An extensive range of matched ancillary equipment is available
The square plate is manufactured from galvanised steel with an additional high quality polyester epoxy finish as standard. Impellers have GRP blades as standard; aluminium and nylon blades are an optional extra. Non-sparking blades can be fitted to models 071 and 080.
Type - squirrel cage induction motor.
Electricity supply - 230V single or 415V three-phase, 50Hz.
Bearings - sealed for life, ball.
Operating temperature range; -20oC to 70oC.
Maximum ambient temperature when being speed controlled is 40oC.
IP55 rating.
All three phase models in the 040 to 063 range are fitted with 2-speed star/delta motors as standard.
Models to 063 can be speed controlled using electronic or auto-transformer controllers.
Internal Thermal Protection
Manual-reset thermal protection is supplied as standard up to model 063 and as an optional extra on models 071 and 080.
Air flow tests to AS ISO5801:1997
Noise tests to BS848:Part 2, 1985
Special Note
Derate the air flow by at least 25% if the air flow direction is reversed from standard. Add the suffix “R” to fan code.

Suggested Specification

The Compact 2000 Series of square plate mounted axial fans shall be as supplied by Fantech Pty Ltd. The axial impellers shall have GRP blades Square plates shall be made from galvanised steel with a polyester epoxy finish. All models shall be fully tested to AS ISO5801:1997 for air flow and to BS848:Part 2, 1985 for noise

Technical Data - CPD0504FHP

Speed [rps]Avg. dBA @ 3mkWatts (Input)Amps Max.°C Approx. Weight [kg]

Sound Data

Type631252505001K 2K4K8K
Inlet7374 747679 767462



*All dimensions in mm, unless otherwise stated

Wiring Diagram

Diagram shown is for single-speed only.
For 2-speed and special motors, contact Fantech for details.


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