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Taking control of apartment ventilation
July 12, 2016  |  share:

With the growth of apartment living across our major cities, ventilation in these living spaces continues to evolve. Historically the bathroom fan has been controlled by the light switch, operating while the light is on. However modern city dwellers have busy lives and don’t have time to wait for the steam to be exhausted by the fan before turning it off. The remaining moisture stays in the bathroom and can affect the look and life expectancy of the bathroom fittings. This moisture can also lead to mould growth and potential health risks to the occupiers of the home.

The use of a fan with an in-built run-on timer or a separate run-on timer is not a new concept, but is becoming a popular solution to combat these issues. The run-on timer allows the fan to keep working for a pre-determined time after the light switch has been turned off. When used in bathrooms, toilets and laundries, the run-on timer can result in more effective ventilation of lingering steam and odours.

Fantech offers a complete range of fans with in-built run-on timers including TD Silent and ProVent in-line fans and Silent Design wall mounted fans. Fantech also has an extensive range of add-on run-on timers that provide a number of options and various benefits.

The VZ6-4PL add-on timer plugs into the power outlet using its 4-pin plug. Fans are simply plugged into it and have a fixed run-on time of 6 minutes.

Add-on run-on timers such as the VZ2-10TS are wired directly to the main supply, include a power socket for the fan and feature a run-on time of 2-10 minutes. Another model which has a 3-24 minute run-on time is usually mounted within equipment or enclosures.

On some projects it may be possible to install a single fan to ventilate three rooms - the en-suite, bathroom and laundry. The VZM0-28TS plug-in run-on timer allows up to three switch inputs per fan and has an adjustable run-on time from 0-30 min and a start delay of 0-5 min.

Incorporating Power Sensing Controls into an apartment’s ventilation system can also help to ensure adequate ventilation. The VZ-ISNSE is a 240V AC power sense switch that detects the current of a clothes dryer and turns the laundry fan on and off accordingly. It is particularly suitable for student accommodation and rental properties where landlords need to maintain their properties in good condition.

By taking control of ventilation in apartments, owners can avoid the problems associated with excess moisture and mould. In addition to fan controls, Fantech offers FlatPack ducting and a wide range of low profile, high performance fans for apartments and other residential applications.

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