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High volume fan, low operating cost
October 22, 2013  |  share:

Conventional high revolution wall-mounted or pedestal floor fans can be noisy, expensive to run and create annoying disturbances. Fantech now offers a quality, cost effective solution with BladeTec High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans made by DuctSox, an American company with over 30 years experience.

BladeTec HVLS fans help to eliminate the build-up of hot stagnant air by maintaining constant air movement. It creates a feeling of freshness that results in a more productive and comfortable environment. The BladeTec HVLS fans are effective at cooling occupants in large enclosed commercial spaces. They can also be used in winter to push hot air down from the ceiling space to help keep employees warmer. BladeTec’s high mounting position helps create a safer environment by eliminating the need for dangerous power cords and extension leads.

BladeTec HVLS fans have a unique three blade design which delivers a large volume of air at relatively low cost. The mill finished aluminium blades have been designed and engineered for maximum air movement while maintaining low noise.

Vibration absorbing material reduces stress to the hub by up to 75% and reduces noise, allowing the fan to work quietly and efficiently. The easy to use control panel operates up to four fans in forward or reverse and allows the speed of the blade to be adjusted.

The BladeTec range is both stylish and efficient. It comprises of a commercial series for smaller spaces and an industrial range that caters for larger areas.

The commercial series can provide air movement up to 18m from the fan’s centre in all directions, but does so quietly, making them ideal for environments where noise should be at a minimum. There are three fan sizes in the series - 2440mm, 3050mm and 3660mm - with a capacity of 131,000m3/h (77,000 CFM) to 158,000m3/h (93,000CFM). The series is suitable for retail spaces, health clubs, schools, office buildings, restaurants and theatres.

The industrial series can extend air movement up to 29m in all directions from the fan’s centre. With capacities of 138,000m3/h (81,000CFM) to over 671,000m3/h (395,000CFM), the industrial series is ideal for use in large buildings with high ceilings such as distribution centres, manufacturing facilities, convention centres, stadiums, warehouses, livestock barns and airports. There are five models in the series, starting at 2440mm through to 7320mm.

BladeTec HVLS fans are available now. For further information contact your local Fantech branch or agent.

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