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Faster fan selections are here
August 12, 2012

Faster fan and silencer selection is now possible thanks to the new version of the Fans by Fantech Product Selection Program.

The new program was launched at ARBS 2012 and was very well received said Fantech’s Information Systems Manager Stuart Bryson who has been redeveloping the popular software.

“The program has been refined and is faster, easier to use and ultimately much more powerful. Feedback at our ARBS stand showed customers are very pleased with the results and are looking forward to using it as part of their project designs.”

When Fantech first launched the ‘Interactive Product Suite’ (as it was first known) in 1998, it was the first of its kind in Australia and New Zealand. “Up until that time engineers and consultants would have to manually search through catalogues or use text-based systems to select their fans and associated specifications,” Stuart said. “The program provided an easy method to select fixed and adjustable pitch fans within the visual environment of Windows.”

Over the next 10 years, Silencer selection and an acoustic analysis module were added. Other functions such as real-time linking with the Fantech website and the ability to export fan schedules to Excel were also included.

Stuart said computers had changed a lot since the program was first launched so Fantech wanted to make full use of the improvements and the latest advances in technology. “We’ve re-built the program with a new interface which takes advantage of faster computers and larger screens to make it quicker and easier to select, compare and schedule fans and silencers.”

Users can now see all the technical data in one easy view and have the ability to recall it at any time from a schedule. They can also search by any product code, export to Excel and PDF quickly, and save all 2D DWG, DXF and 3D Revit files for one project all at once.

Energy efficiency calculations have been incorporated into every selection, and along with the other changes to the program, it will facilitate the design of energy efficient systems which can also
provide capital cost savings.

Another key advantage of the new program is the introduction of a “Basic” mode to make it easier for first time and less-technical users. This mode is ideal for architects, builders and draftsmen as it allows them to make quick selections of fans or silencers
and get the detail they need in five simple steps.

Stuart said the “Advanced” mode was designed to be used by engineers, contractors and consultants who required selections based on more specific criteria. “It is for those already familiar with the program and contains all of the criteria options previously available, plus a number of new powerful options - such as selecting at a low speed duty with the use of a variable speed drive.

“We believe the ability to select fans and silencers using a range of advanced criteria and quickly review, collate and output those selections will save time and help promote an electronic flow of data,” Stuart said. The much anticipated Fans by Fantech Product Selection Program V.5.0 will be available in the coming weeks. Customers can register to receive a copy via the Fantech website at www.fantech.com.au, or to organise an in-office demonstration contact their local Fantech branch or agent.

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