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Optimising indoor comfort
February 17, 2013

There is a growing need for products that help create comfortable indoor spaces while maintaining a healthy and productive working environment. At the same time, new government policies and the dramatic increase in energy costs have created greater demand for products and systems that utilise energy efficient technologies.

Rickard’s Variable Air Volume (VAV) diffusers help create a well ventilated indoor environment that maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature in most types of applications. Air is discharged from the diffuser and circulated around the room to ensure the air within the space is thoroughly mixed and the space is kept at the desired temperature.

A key benefit of Rickard VAV diffusers is their ability to reduce the demand on the fan system by providing only the required volume of hot or cold air to enter the conditioned space. If the air volume required reduces, the diffuser’s aperture size also reduces which creates additional pressure in the ductwork.

This pressure signals to the air conditioning system to slow down which in turn saves fan energy. If the air volume required increases, the diffuser’s aperture opens which allows more conditioned air to enter the space. The volume of air entering the space is determined by the temperature in the space and the set point on the diffuser’s in-built temperature sensor or wall thermostat. The set point on individual diffusers can be easily adjusted by the occupant, giving them total control over their environment during any part of the day.


Rickard VAV diffusers are available as:

• System controlled, electronically powered plug and play models

• Standalone, mechanically controlled, thermally powered models

Each VAV diffuser model is available in various configurations which are suitable for numerous applications or mounting positions. The electronically powered range comes in square, linear slot and bulkhead models; the thermally powered models come in square models only.

These easy to install diffusers feature a modern ‘flush’ to ceiling/wall stylish look and aerodynamically shaped components that minimise noise while improving air flow characteristics. The thermal diffuser requires no external wiring or power supply, while each electronic diffuser can control other diffusers via a daisy chain, or be attached to a wall thermostat. The electronic diffusers operate standalone software and are also compatible with LON or BacNet Building Management Systems (BMS).

The Rickard range of diffusers do not require routine maintenance, but in case a repair is required, all components are easily accessible from inside the room. As a result any maintenance is simple, low cost and can be carried out with minimal disruption to the room occupants.

The Rickard range of diffusers helps to create a comfortable environment within a building which results in better productivity. It provides an energy saving solution to the differing heating and cooling requirements within areas of a building, while maintaining low operating costs and flexibility within the conditioned space.

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