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ZOO Fan reduces the cost of heating large (and high) spaces
November 1, 2012

Fantech's ZOO (Zone Of Occupancy) Fan helps reduce energy costs, while maintaining a more comfortable, more productive environment for workers and customers at ground level.

During the cold winter months when heating systems are used to add warmth to an occupied space, the heat rises and accumulates near the ceiling. This air can be several degrees warmer than the air at floor level causing the heating system to work harder to maintain a thermally comfortable temperature for the occupants.

Fantech's Design Engineer Troy de Vries said this layering of air is called thermal stratification and results in significantly more energy being used than is necessary and often creates hot and cold spots within the building.

"De-stratification by the ZOO Fan creates a more even temperature throughout the Zone Of Occupancy, improves creature comfort and reduces energy consumption," he said.

The ZOO Fan creates a gentle, concise column of air that brings warm air down to floor level where it is needed. This can reduce the temperature differential between ceiling and floor to as little as 1°C.

"ZOO Fans are ideal for warehouses, airports, car dealerships, gymnasiums and high ceiling retail outlets," Mr de Vries said.

"The higher the ceiling, the greater the temperature differential between floor and ceiling is likely to be and therefore the greater the potential for significant energy savings.

"The ZOO Fan has a unique design and can be installed so its air flow avoids, or targets particular areas such as workstations and high traffic areas. They are also particularly effective when used in aisles because of their narrow band of air and variable speed control motor that provides air flow adjustment," he said.

The stylish ZOO Fan features a contemporary design which makes it suitable for modern buildings, yet operates very quietly and efficiently. The patented Ziehl Abbegg impeller design includes serrations on the trailing edge of the wing to reduce noise, while winglets smooth the airflow across the blade for added efficiency and performance.

Mr de Vries said ZOO fans could also be installed as a safe and unobtrusive cooling fan.

"Its ceiling hung mounting position means it can be placed close to the occupant but also eliminates the need for dangerous power leads and extension cords on the floor."

The ZOO Fan features a robust UV-treated PC ABS plastic housing that is fire resistant (5VB), durable and lightweight which ensures the unit is easy to handle. It is fitted with an easy to reach IP54 terminal box and comes with Gripple attachments which makes it quick and easy to install.

The range is available in two impeller sizes, 250mm and 300mm and will de-stratify rooms with a ceiling height from 3 to 20 metres.

The ZOO Fan is available from Fantech. For further information contact Fantech on (03) 9554 7831 or visit www.fantech.com.au

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