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Eliminates Airborne Viruses from Indoor Environments
August 29, 2022  |  share:

The Cleanair-Sky plasma purifier combines a sophisticated, but low-maintenance technology that inactivates the virus and makes filter removal and replacement simple and easy. Room air that passes through the Cleanair-Sky is briefly switched to the energetic state of non-thermal (NT) plasma and positively charges the molecules to neutralise the viruses and bacteria. Cleanair-Sky does not rely on a HEPA filter to trap the living viruses within its filter, which typically requires regular changing under elaborate protective measures.

In a series of tests by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics Germany (pictured below), a room of 211m³ was exposed to the coronavirus surrogate virus “enveloped Phi-6 bacteriophage”, which has a comparable structure, particle size and environmental stability to SARS-CoV-2. The Cleanair-Sky was effective in eliminating 73% of viruses from the air within a classroom setting in the first 45 minutes. Over a period of 165 minutes, a staggering 97% of airborne viruses were eliminated from the indoor setting.

Installation of the Cleanair-Sky is independent of building ventilation, which means there are no changes required to the existing system. It is lightweight and easy to mount to a ceiling, and can generally be powered from an existing single-phase lighting circuit. The Cleanair-Sky can be operated via the control panel located on the side of the unit or with the supplied remote control. It means no additional wiring is required. The Cleanair-Sky draws air up into the unit from the centre of the room and is discharged along the ceiling surface. This creates a Coanda effect that maxmises recirculation of the air within the room while eliminating viruses and bacteria. Unlike typical portable floor mounted units, the Cleanair-Sky avoids drawing viruses across the room and past occupants.

The Cleanair-Sky not only sterilises the air with activated oxygen, the air that passes through the volume plasma within the unit is disinfected by oxidation. During the purification process the Cleanair-Sky makes use of activated carbon filters to capture and eliminate ozone. The Fraunhofer study has proven that this does not result in any harmful contamination of the room air by pollutants. Contaminant levels measured are expected to have no health effects after a lifetime of exposure as per German committee on indoor guide values (AIR).

Since the Cleanair-Sky is effective against viruses of all kinds, it also reduces the risk of airborne infection from colds and other infections.

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