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Run-on timers maximise efficiency
September 1, 2008

In many applications it is desirable that a fan continues to run for a period after the switch is turned off for maximum efficiency. Some examples are below:

In a bathroom, where a shower generates steam, it is useful to run the fan for a period after the shower is turned off, as this produces two desirable outcomes.

  1. The room is fully purged of steam, minimising condensation and ensuring that internal finishes are not prematurely damaged.
  2. When the timer eventually turns off the fan, the air inside the ducting and surrounding the fan’s motor will be dry, preventing moisture being sucked into the motor.

Fantech’s comprehensive range of run-on timers includes:

VZ Model. The VZ24C and VZ6 feature run-ons of 24 and 6 minutes respectively and can be mounted into the motor junction box or switch board.

VZ-TS Model. A direct wired unit that replaces the need for a power point or wiring junction box to be installed. Adjustable from 2 to 10 minutes.

VZM Model. This model is designed to be used with a duct exhaust system controlled by up to three switches, for example the toilet, bathroom and laundry. Adjustments from 0 to 28 minutes.

VZM suggested wiring arrangement

VA-VZ Model. Incorporates a run-on of 6 minutes and a speed control function that adjusts the fan speed between 100% and 30%. This unit is also fitted with a 900mm extension lead and pre-wired 4 pin plug which makes it easy to install.

VZ-PL Model. A plug in, quick and easy to install run-on timer that is fixed at 6-minutes. Supplied standard with a 900mm extension lead and pre-wired 4 pin plug that ensures an additional active is provided to power the fan after the standard switch is turned off.

VZ-PL Run-on timer

Power Sense Module. It is easy to simply turn on a clothes dryer and forget to also turn on the exhaust fan. To help overcome this problem, Fantech have introduced the VZ-ISNSE Power Sense Module which automatically turns on the fan by sensing when the clothes dryer is in operation, whilst avoiding excess power consumption if the fan is left on when it is not needed. The VZ-ISNSE Power Sense Module can be used with a run-on timer, which will purge the room of any moisture after the dryer is switched off.

Power Sense Module

VZ-ISNSE suggested wiring arrangement


For further information refer to pages L-10 to12 of the Fans by Fantech 2008 catalogue.

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