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FlatPack Low Profile Duct System 150
May 22, 2012

The FlatPack Low Profile Duct System 204 became part of the Fantech range back in October 2006 as a compact alternative to ventilating through regular round flexible duct, plastic pipe and metal sheet. As an extension to this range Fantech is  now introducing the System 150 which is able to work with greater airflow while still maintaining a relatively low profile.

All FlatPack duct and fittings are manufactured from self-extinguishing PVC so they are light, corrosion free and hygienic. The modular slide-together design of the Flatpack System makes it easy for an installer to put in and its PVC construction allows the duct to be cut down to size so it can fit into virtually any space.

The dimension of the new FlatPack System 150 are 180mm x 95mm, compared to the System 204 which measures 204mm x 60mm. Although the depth of the System 150 is 35mm higher, it will still fit inside the ceiling space of most applications.

The FlatPack Low Profile Duct System complies with the requirements of BCA 2009 which references AS4254-1995. A Declaration of Compliance document has been produced and can be provided to verify the compliance and suitability of the FlatPack System under the current BCA 2009 Building Code.

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