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In-line fan range expands
January 12, 2023  |  share:
An innovative and highly energy efficient solution

A new addition to Fantech’s in-line fan range, the fully adjustable TD EVO VAR will sit alongside the popular Jetline product when it arrives in 2023. It provides an innovative and energy efficient solution that is ideal for domestic and commercial ventilation applications, and includes integrated variable speed control, analogue input signal and run-on timer.

Continual increases in energy costs have created a greater demand for products and systems that minimise energy usage. Available from early 2023, the new TD EVO VAR in-line fan has been designed with these demands in mind.

Achieving highly efficient performance with low energy consumption, the TD EVO VAR takes advantage of an integrated variable speed controller that can be adjusted locally on the fan, or remotely via a 0-10V or 4-20mA analogue input signal. The new TD EVO VAR also comes standard with an onboard, adjustable run-on timer (1, 5, 15 and 30 minutes), allowing steam and odours to be exhausted even after the room has been vacated.

Optimised impeller
The low-profile, compact design of the new TD EVO VAR makes it well suited for ventilation applications where space is limited, such as hotel rooms and residential apartments.

The optimised impeller design, guide vanes and outlet diffuser assist in increasing air flow performance, while the silent block between the motor and the guide vanes help to reduce motor vibration and lowers the TD EVO VAR’s sound level.

Easy installation
Installation of the TD EVO VAR is simple, with an easy to remove fan body allowing the support bracket to be easily screwed into place first and the ductwork then attached.

The design features airtight construction with double injection sealing between the main body and the support bracket to avoid air leaks. Rubber gaskets added to the flanges improve airtightness with the attached ducting.

Count on Jetline
The new TD EVO VAR will sit alongside Fantech’s popular Jetline range of high performance, low profile in-line fans available in AC and electronically commutated (EC) variants.

Jetline and Jetline Ecowatt (EC) fans have been aerodynamically designed to deliver efficient performance with low sound levels. The innovative centrifugal impeller maximises air flow while the integrated guide vanes increase pressure development.

The compact, low-profile design makes the Jetline range ideal for commercial and residential applications including hotel rooms and apartments where ceiling space is limited.

Both TD EVO VAR and Jetline in-line fans are available in six sizes to suit 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm duct diameters.

Visit www.fantech.com.au for more information and specification details

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