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35mm flanges a quick and a neat fit
August 15, 2011

Installing a fan to duct has just got a lot easier with the change of 25mm flanges to 35mm on Fantech products.

Fantech Engineering Manager Kerry Dumicich said changing to the new size of flange was the outcome of market research into industry practices and needs.

“We discovered that the majority of duct-work suppliers were now folding their own TDF profile flanges, rather than purchasing add-in flanges. Furthermore, as most flange sizes had increased to 35mm, the 25mm Ductmate flange used on Fantech products was not an exact match and therefore required adjustments on site,” he said. “It made sense that since a high percentage of duct were fitted with this TDF profile, we should provide a better fitting flange with this same profile.”

The new 35mm TDF profile flanges are now available as standard for the PowerLine, Multiflow, FlexLine and Twin Neta range of products.

Kerry said the new flanges had proven to be winners with installers because they were simple to attach with a bolt in each of the four corners and cleats were now easy to fit. This has simplified and sped up the fan installation process as well as reduced the need for reworking on site, he said.

“Just as important, by ensuring the flange is correctly in place with a good fit, it means, the joins are virtually airtight so the efficiency of the system is not compromised.”

Certified and new dimensional drawings are available from Fantech on request.

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