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Say goodbye to toilet odours
September 2, 2013

The odourVac toilet ventilation system (OVK1)

Ever left the toilet embarrassed by the smell you created, or worse, opened the door to a pungent aroma left by someone else? We all have – and it’s not a pleasant experience. Now you can say goodbye to toilet odours with a new toilet ventilation system from Fantech.

The OdourVac OVK1 system is ideal for homes apartments, offices and high use areas such as restaurants and pubs. It uses an in-line fan mounted in the ceiling to draw odours directly from the bowl. The beauty of the product is its simplicity. It utilises the toilet cistern’s own overflow pipe to draw the odour directly from the source and, as a result, is compatible with most toilet suites on the market. A sliding balancing valve regulates the airflow and can be easily adjusted to maintain performance while minimising draft.

The high quality fan uses less energy than a conventional ceiling fan and can be activated by a light switch, separate fan switch or movement sensor so that it only runs when necessary.

While harmful and expensive aerosols and deodorants simply disguise the problem, the OdourVac actually removes the smell, drawing the offensive odours from the toilet and exhausting them outside the building.

The OdourVac toilet ventilation system (OVK1) comes with its own high quality fan, external grille and fittings. A length of 50mm PVC pipe must be purchased separately as the distance from the toilet to external grille differs greatly from house to house. The OVK1 is perfect for ventilating toilets and powder rooms, but the OdourVac Add-On Kit (OVK2) may be more suitable when ventilating two or three points such as a bathroom, toilet and laundry.

The OVK2 add-on kit is able to exhaust odour from the toilet as well as steam from the shower or bath. It is an add-on kit for a 150mm diameter ducted exhaust fan system.
Fantech has four of these ducted exhaust fan systems – ducted in-line, ducted through roof, ducted through wall and ducted in-wall installation.

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