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Flat Duct - Ideal for restricted ceiling spaces.
December 13, 2011

Builders and designers can now gain valuable ceiling height through the use of the snap-together, quick and easy to install Fantech Flat Duct System.

With a width of 204mm and a height of only 60mm, its modular design makes it ideal for apartments and hotels where ceiling space is often very limited.

The smooth PVC construction and tight fittings generate minimal pressure loss, maximise fan performance and only require a minimum amount of sealing tape to make them airtight. This makes them suitable for the flow rates required in most bathroom, laundry and kitchen exhaust applications.

Duct lengths are available in 2 options; a rigid rectangular duct and a unique LayFlat collapsible duct. The LayFlat collapsible duct provides convenient storage and transport, while the Rigid Duct is ideal for hard to access situations. There is also a full range of fittings that are suitable for almost every type of application.

Duct and fittings are manufactured from self extinguishing PVC so they are light, corrosion free and hygienic.

The FlatPack Low Profile Duct System complies with the requirements of BCA 2009 which references AS4254-1995. A Declaration of Compliance document has been produced and can be provided to verify the compliance and suitability of the FlatPack System under the current BCA 2009 Building Code.

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