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Impulse JetVent Range Extended
June 1, 2008  |  share:

The Fantech Impulse JetVent range has now been extended to incorporate the growing need for a more general solution to car park ventilation requirements. In addition to the current range of JetVent Axial and Centrifugal fans, the new JetVent Mixed Flow series is designed to provide general ventilation in applications such as fully or partially enclosed car parks and vehicle bays.

Impulse ventilation is based on a number of small, strategically located high velocity jet fans mounted directly beneath the ceiling, in place of the distribution ductwork traditionally used in car park ventilation systems. The system provides constant airflow movement around the car park to ensure harmful pollutants do not gather and accumulate in dead areas.

The induction fans are carefully positioned to bring fresh air in, thoroughly mix the air in the car park and direct it towards the main extract fan intake points.

The JetVent Mixed-Flow unit includes a Low-profile powder coated galvanised steel housing with an aerodynamically designed internal flow element that makes it ideal for car parks with a low ceiling height and obstructive structural beams. It provides uni-directional airflow and is suitable for ambient operating temperatures under 70ºC. The mixed flow impeller, fitted with a three-phase 415V, 50Hz motor, offers powerful air movement capabilities.

The JetVent Mixed-flow unit together with the JetVent Axial and Centrifugal units provide an innovative and efficient solution to ventilating fully or partially inclosed areas where harmful pollutants exist.

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