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New range of JetVent EC
September 2, 2014  |  share:

The JetVent EC series (JIU-CPC EC) has been extended with standard, low height and high performance models now available. All three fans come with the option of a factory-fitted integrated smoke detection kit.

JetVent fans are mainly used in fully or partially enclosed car parks, but have also been installed in a number of unique applications such as indoor go-kart tracks. The fans operate on well proven longitudinal tunnel ventilation principles and effectively direct air flow throughout the car park to the exhaust fan.

Fitted with an efficient EC (electronic commutated) motor with integrated speed control, the JetVent EC series does away with VSDs, current overloads and motor phase protection. Due to the proportional control capabilities, the fans all have a soft start and quiet operation under normal conditions.

Each JetVent fan can have up to two pollutant sensors and an integrated smoke detection kit that is powered by the actual fan. ComLink, JetVent’s digital communication system, allows real time information to be digitally transmitted between the fan units and the EcoVent Controller.

The capability of the EcoVent controller has been expanded to accommodate up to 24 JetVent EC fans, 48 pollutant sensors and 24 integrated smoke detectors. The new and improved firmware has also simplified the implementation of automatic, off and override functions.

In automatic mode, the controller responds to signals from the pollutant and smoke detection sensors. It adjusts the speed of the fan to match the level of carbon monoxide or nitrous oxide in the car park. This demand control system improves air quality while minimising energy use as the fans only operate when required.

If any fan in the car park detects smoke, a signal is sent to the Ecovent controller which turns off all fans before sprinkler activation to maximise occupant safety. The fans can be switched on again to clear smoke using the manual override function.

The Victorian Building Appeals Board has given approval for the installation of impulse ventilation systems utilising Fantech JetVent impulse fans in sprinkler protected car park environments. The Board found that the JetVent system with the integrated smoke detector complied with Performance Requirements EP1.4, EP2.2 and FP4.4 of Volume One of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

For further information on these developments please contact your local Fantech office.

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