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Ultra efficient ECOtronic range arrives
February 18, 2020

The ECOtronic axial fan range delivers ultra energy efficient operation and can be designed into a Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system. It combines the high performance Aerofoil Series 1 impeller with an intelligent Electronically Commuted (EC) shaft motor that delivers a cost effective ventilation solution.

Speed control selection on the ECOtronic is managed through a small access hole located on the rear of the motor, allowing it to be changed from manual to remote speed control.

If set to remote control, the ECOtronic’s speed can be increased or decreased via a 2-10V, 4-20mA, or 80-1600Hz control signal. This helps to minimise energy costs by speed controlling according to demand, particularly in applications such as schools, exhibition centres and health facilities where conditions vary during the course of the day.

When manual speed is selected, the fan can be adjusted from 1800rpm to as low as 200rpm. The speed change is stored in the motor’s memory, ensuring the fan runs at the selected maximum speed each time the fan is started.

According to Fantech Assistant Engineering Manager Ben Lowerson, the ultra-efficient ECOtronic range features fully integrated electronics that remove the need for an external VSD and current overload protection. “Its state-of-the-art motor includes soft starting as well as locked rotor protection, over temperature protection and overvoltage/under voltage protection,” Ben says. “The high efficiency EC motor also achieves the predicted IE5# efficiency standard, which is likely to become the highest efficiency standard possible.”

The ECOtronic range achieves an IP55 rating, and is available in sizes that produce maximum air flows from .4 to 4.1m3/s*. It features a “Fire Mode” function, galvanized steel casing and an on-board fault identification LED.

* Approx. air flow at 0 static pressure # The IE5 Efficiency level is not currently defined by the IEC Standard, however the intent is for IE5 motors to have approximately a 20% reduction in losses against IE4 motors.

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