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Aviator taking control of the air
September 18, 2019

Fantech’s commitment to the development of innovative technologies has led to the creation of the Aviator range of controllers.

Aviator Intelligent Ventilation Control systems use the latest digital technology to manage as few as one fan, or up to a large system of multiple fans and sensors for almost any ventilation application.

Taking control of the air, the Aviator range can be tailored and pre-configured to suit the requirements of each specific application. The range can drive a Demand Control Ventilation system that monitors the indoor environment via sensors. This provides real-time feedback to the fans, which adjusts fan speed and the ventilation rate to match specific requirements.

“The range combines the latest innovations in controls hardware with intelligent applications developed by Fantech’s specialist Control Systems team,” says Fantech Group Product Manager, Peter Henry. “Additionally these applications provide centralised system monitoring and remote diagnostics while having the flexibility to be adapted to suit real world requirements.”

Three models are currently available – the Aviator Touch PRO, the Aviator MINI and the Aviator MAX.

The Aviator Touch PRO includes an intuitive graphic interface and a high definition 4.3” LCD touch screen for ease of use and navigation. It features built-in temperature and humidity sensors, and is ideal for small to medium size ventilation applications that require a maximum of 10 fans.

The Aviator MINI has the ability to manage a maximum of 50 fans individually or within a maximum of 6 demand control zones. It features an advanced 7 day program scheduler and can easily integrate with Building Management Systems.

The Aviator MAX is a tailored solution designed for car park ventilation. It works in conjunction with Fantech’s JetVent fans, pollutant sensors, VSDs, supply and exhaust fans and the building management systems. Aviator MAX has been developed to increase energy efficiency while optimising ventilation output.

All Aviator controllers use the Fantech ComLink system – the standard RS485 communications protocol – to connect the controller, fans, drives and sensors. This two-wire system simplifies cabling, reduces installation and commissioning time, and allows for a greater level of system adjustment.

“Increases in energy prices are driving greater demand for cost effective systems that can deliver energy efficient buildings. The Aviator system helps address these concerns while helping to create healthier and more productive spaces for building occupants,” says Peter.

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