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A Real Advance in HVLS Technology

Hunter’s range of industrial fans gives better performance and efficiency with a direct drive motor specially developed for HVLS fans that also reduces the fan’s overall weight.

In collaboration with an aerospace engineer, Hunter has created an aerofoil blade with a unique and cutting edge twist profile that maximises efficiency across the range of fan diameters. This advanced blade design delivers a higher volumetric flow rate whilst minimising power consumption

Next Generation Direct Drive Motor

Utilises a high-performance direct drive, permanent magnet motor (EC) to increase energy efficiency and reduce fan weight. It generates large amounts of torque at slow speed while providing whisper-quiet operation.

  • Very low operation cost
  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
Fantech EcoTech Range Fans

Cutting Edge Blade Technology

Hunter’s structural grade aluminium blades maximise air flow and minimise noise levels with a unique twist profile to match each individual fan.

  • Structural Grade Aluminium
  • High Performance Aerofoil Blades
Fantech EcoTech Range Fans

Effortless Installation

Time-saving plug-n-play system includes pre-installed bolts, pre-wired drop tube, pre-aligned mounting brackets and I-Beam clamp.

  • Designed with installer in mind
  • Pre-assembled components
  • Long Factory Warranty
Fantech EcoTech Range Fans

Contemporary Style

Built tough with a sleek design that will complement any showroom, sport centre or warehouse

  • Fantastic Minimalistic Design
  • No Gear Box
  • No Seals
  • Very Low Maintenance
Fantech EcoTech Range Fans


Flagship high performance fan 5 sizes from 4.2(14’) to 7.3 (24’) metres

Hunter ECO HVLS Fan

Lightest and most economical fan 8 sizes from 2.4(8’) to 7.3 (24’) metres

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