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Advanced HVLS Selection Tool









Diameter (m)

No of fans


No of Fans

along width

No of fans

along length

Spacing between fans

width (m)

Spacing between fans

length (m)

Titan 14
Titan 16
Titan 18
Titan 20
Titan 24
Eco 8
Eco 10
Eco 12
Eco 14
Eco 16
Eco 18
Eco 20
Eco 24

*Select HVLS fans for cooling effect. For destratification, blow air towards floor at 10% of full speed for excellent destratification.

*10% of full speed will achieve at least the recommended 1 AC/hr required for good destratification under all conditions.

Energy Saving

including energy used to drive HVLS fans

If used in an air-conditioned building
Increase in air-conditioning setpoint

due to cooling effect of HVLS fans (°C)

Air-Conditioning Energy Savings

(Including energy used to drive HVLS fans)

If used in a heated building
Building Height (m)
Temperature difference between floor and ceiling

without destratification (°C)

Approx. destratification energy savings

(including energy to drive HVLS fans)

*Suitable for simple square or rectangular buildings only.
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