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Non-Return Damper

ABD.. Butterfly Shutters for Axial Roof Units

Butterfly shutters are designed for use with our axial roof units. They are an optional extra on down-flow or horizontal discharge units but a standard fitting on vertical discharge units.They can be supplied in plastic, steel or aluminium.

CBD.. Backdraft Shutters for Centrifugal Roof Units

Back draft shutters are designed for use with our centrifugal roof units and some smaller axial roof units. They fit inside the base of the unit. They are standard supply with twin fan units and an optional extra for single fan units.The frame is of steel and the flaps are of extruded plastic.

Butterfly Dampers to suit RDE/RVE

RSK.. Backdraft Shutters for In-line Fans

The RSK dampers are designed to match a wide range of fans. The flaps in the unit are spring loaded ensuring a positive seal when the fan is switched off.The tube is of galvanised steel and the flaps of aluminium.

Smooth Flow Backdraft Damper

Suits most in-line fans; provides protection against backdraft with limited effect on performance.Robust low profile engineering plastic housing.

MCA.. Backdraft dampers for Mixvent Fans

The MCA back-draft dampers are specifically designed to suit the VentMajor and Mixvent range of fans.These are of powder coated steel.
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