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Intelligent car park system gets smarter Print

November 1, 2012

Fantech’s JetVent car park ventilation system has got smarter and even easier to install now that Vacon Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) for supply and exhaust fans can be connected to the CommLink system.

Fantech NSW Senior Sales Engineer Ritesh Daraji said the CommLink communications set up was the ‘brains’ of the system and allowed the EcoVent controller, pollutant sensors, integrated smoke detectors, JetVent fans and Vacon VSDs to communicate with each other. “Together they create an intelligent, energy efficient system for ventilating car parks that is simple to install and commission,” he said.

Ritesh said the Vacon VSDs on supply and exhaust fans could be installed remotely around the car park at a maximum distance of 1,000m from the EcoVent controller. “When integrated into the JetVent car park system, the VSDs provide feedback to the EcoVent controller as actual RPM signals to give greater control over the ventilation,” he said.

These capabilities have been utilised in the basement car park of Parkside, a low-rise residential building in Campbelltown, NSW. Spread over three levels, the car park has four JetVent fans and five VSDs – three for exhaust fans and two for supply fans.

Antoine Farah of Viscona designed the car park system for Parkside relatively quickly because the JetVent fans include advanced digital EC motor technology that eliminated the need for current overloads and motor phase protection. This means there are no harmonic problems or need for additional protection. He said the fans generated +24V DC which powered the CO sensors, and helped to reduce the amount of wiring required during installation. The CO sensors are also wired directly to the JetVent fans and the fans daisy-chained together, further reducing the time spent on cabling during installation.

“Commissioning is also quick as the fans come pre-programed and the whole system can be tested by changing the jumper position on the CO sensor from Ideal to Over,” added Ritesh. “And if there is a problem with any of the system components, an alarm message displays on the EcoVent Controller which identifies the issue so that it can be easily rectified.

“The JetVent car park system is an intelligent ventilation solution, and through Fantech’s process of continual improvement we have integrated technologies that have made the system smarter and more efficient.”

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