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Profile Fan Series - Axial Supply Fans

Profile Fan Series - Axial Supply Fans


The Profile Roof Fan has been developed to reduce the installation costs of roof mounted units by eliminating the need for an upstand. They are simple to install, require no additional flashing and are available in most metal-deck profiles. There are 2 sizes in the range and these fans are available with axial flow and backward-curved centrifugal impellers.
Typical Application
Exhausts and supplies air to a wide range of commercial applications such as change rooms, laundries, warehouses and workshops, gymnasiums, bulk’ goods retail outlets and assembly halls.
  • Available with high pressure backward-curved centrifugal impellers and high air flow axial impellers.
  • Axial version available as supply or exhaust unit, centrifugal version available in exhaust only.
  • Easy to install by simply cutting hole in roof and fixing fan with tek-screws.
  • No need for costly upstands and flashing.
  • To weather proof simply add a bead of silicon around metal-deck and roof.
  • Inlet spigot available for ducted installations.
  • Fits onto most metal-deck profiles. See "How To Order” for complete range.
  • Lightweight but sturdy construction.
  • Can be mounted at angles up to 30°.

Single Phase Models

Product CodeDiameter
@ 3m
[Pa] -Recom


30041  0.28 1.42 57 222 0.68


30022  0.12 0.54 46 83 0.36


30016  0.054 0.25 39 45 0.26
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