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Compact Flameproof Series - Miniduct Fans

Compact Flameproof Series - Miniduct Fans


The Compact Series of Flameproof Miniduct fans has been specifically designed for duct mounting and to ventilate hazardous or explosive environments.
There are 4 sizes in the range extending from 250 to 400mm diameter.
Typical Application
Fantech's Compact Flameproof fans can be used to exhaust in areas where the environment has been defined as being hazardous or explosive necessitating the use of flameproof motors. These areas include spray booths and battery charge rooms. They are suitable for all Group II hazardous gas environments EXCEPT for the following:
  • Where the ambient temperature is less than -20°C or greater than 40°C.
  • Where the fan is exhausting from the vapour space of a tank or vessel (Zone 0).
  • Where the fan is exhausting immediately adjacent to a continuous source of release (Zone 0).
  • In mines susceptible to fire damp.
  • Where special conditions exist such as corrosion, water, dust, vibration or high level of UV exist.
  • Features
  • Galvanised steel casing with red powder-coated finish.
  • Anti-static blades.
  • Suitable for ducted installations.
  • Can be mounted at any angle.
  • Designed for single-phase supply.
  • Motors comply with Ex d, Group II, Zone 1, T6 protection - see Special Note.
  • IP66 rated.
  • Single Phase Models

    Product CodeDiameter
    @ 3m
    [Pa] -Recom


    25023  0.12 1 45 41 0.17


    30023  0.12 1 48 100 0.41


    35023  0.12 1 50 113 0.60


    40023  0.12 1 52 176 0.72
    Elta Group