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Beta-Vent Series –

Beta-Vent Series

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The Beta Vertical Discharge Vents are ideal in ducted systems where the fan is mounted remotely to the unit. They enable the vertical discharge of air from a mechanical exhaust system, while providing protection from rain when not in use.
There are 6 sizes in the range handling air flows from 0.4 to 5.70 m3/s.
  • Fitted with reliable gravity operated, butterfly backdraft shutters.
  • Lightweight but sturdy construction.
  • Enables the vertical discharge of air while preventing rain from entering building.
  • Can be mounted at angles up to 30°.
  • Construction
    Sizes 1 to 4 - Bases are made of UV-stabilised plastic with a fibreglass windband.
    Sizes 5 & 6 - Bases are made of fibreglass with a powder-coated galvanised steel windband.
    Fitted with gravity operated, butterfly backdraft shutters.
    Steel components have a corrosion resistant finish.
    Special Note
    Beta Vertical Discharge Vents are designed for relatively high air discharge velocity. At low discharge velocities, rain could enter the building. For these types of application an Alpha Relief Air Vent is recommended.
    For any application where prevailing winds may lift the butterfly shutters of the Beta Vertical Discharge Vent, we recommend the fitting of Magloks®.
    Ensure the hinge of the butterfly shutters point down the slope of the roof.

    Suggested Specification

    The vertical discharge units shall be of the RVV series as designed and manufactured by Fantech Pty Ltd.
    Each unit shall incorporate gravity operated, butterfly backdraft shutters and be constructed from UV-stabilised plastic, fibreglass and/or powder-coated galvanised steel.
    Steel components shall have a corrosion resistant finish.


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