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The Cleanair-Sky is a discrete, ceiling mounted air purifier that uses volume plasma to efficiently remove harmful airborne germs and odours from indoor spaces. It inactivates bacteria, viruses, mould spores, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and filters pollen from the air.

In a series of tests by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics Germany, a room of 211m³ was exposed to the coronavirus surrogate virus “enveloped Phi-6 bacteriophage”, which has a comparable structure, particle size and environmental stability to SARS-CoV-2.

The Cleanair-Sky was effective in eliminating 73% of viruses from the air within a classroom setting in the first 45 minutes. Over a period of 165 minutes, a staggering 97% of airborne viruses were eliminated from the indoor setting.

  • Viruses, bacteria, and pollen are not only filtered, but inactivated using volume plasma.
  • Low maintenance filter requirement (G4 Pre-filter 3-6 months, F9 Post-Filter & Carbon Filter 9000hrs or 5 years based on 8hrs a day usage).
  • Mounted to the ceiling typically in the centre of a room.
  • Energy efficient EC motor features reverse polarity protection, locked rotor protection and soft starting.
  • Can be operated via the control panel located on the side of the unit or with the supplied remote control.
  • 4 speed quiet operation that won’t disturb occupants
  • Can be run as required with a 30 minute run-on-timer or continuous mode to ensure the air is cleaned during times that the room is unoccupied.
  • Suitable for areas larger than 25 m².
Outer housing and mounting bracket are powder-coated aluminium providing a lightweight robust construction.

Filters housed in removable powder-coated aluminium cases using tamperproof Torx screws.

Type - high performance, energy efficient brushless DC motor.
Electricity supply – 230V, 50Hz
Bearings - sealed for life, ball.
Ambient temperature – 10 to 30 °C
Special Note
How to Select

Step 1. Determine the floor area of the room in m².
Step 2. Divide the floor area by 56.
Step 3. Round up to the nearest whole number to determine the number of Cleanair Sky units required.

Determine the number of Cleanair Sky units required for a room floor area of 80 m²

Step 1.
Floor area = 80 m²

Step 2. Divide the floor area by 56 80 / 56 = 1.43

Step 3.
Round up this value to the nearest whole number.
1.43 is rounded up to 2.
Therefore a floor area of 80m² would require 2 x Cleanair Sky units.

Suggested Specification

The air purifier shall be of the Cleanair-Sky Series as supplied by Fantech Pty Ltd and be of the model numbers shown on the schedule/drawings.

Impellers shall be of centrifugal design and driven by a single-phase, EC motor with 4 speed settings and run-on-timer. The outer fan casing and mounting bracket shall be of powder-coated aluminium and impeller made from injection moulded plastic.

The unit will use volume plasma to purify the air, and inactivate harmful germs and odours including; bacteria, viruses, mould spores, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and filters pollen from air. It shall incorporate activated carbon fitters to remove VOCs and odours from air and use G4 and F9 rated filters to filter pollens, house dust or animal dander.

FILTERS Description Replacement Size (mm)
(A) OXY-CLEANAIR-SKY-G4 G4 Pre-filter (1 set of 1) 3 to 6 months 392 x 495 x 24
(B) OXY-CLEANAIR-SKY-F9 F9 Post-Filter (1 set of 2) 9000 hours* 595 x 130 x 25
(C) OXY-CLEANAIR-SKY-AC Activated Carbon Filter (2 sets of 2) 9000 hours* 595 x 130 x 25

* 9000 hours or 5 years based on 8 hours per day usage

Technical Data - OXY-CLEANAIR-SKY

SettingSpeed [rps]Avg. dBA @ 3mkWatts (Input)Amps Max.°C Approx. Weight [kg]



*All dimensions in mm, unless otherwise stated

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