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Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors


The Fantech range of temperature sensors measure ambient air according to parameters set in the control unit.

  • These sensors use a silicon PTC element that changes its resistance depending on the ambient temperature
  • All TF temperature sensors are passive sensors, so they do not require power
  1. TFR / TFR-E: Room sensor with plastic housing for outdoor and industrial use
  2. TFA: Contact sensor with stainless steel sensor rod
  3. TFT / TFT(XL): Immersion sensor with brass sensor rod and immersion sleeve
  4. TFW: Room sensor with plastic housing for indoor use only
  5. TFK Duct sensor with plastic housing and stainless steel sensor rod

Technical Data

Model Number A Permissible
Temperature range
Sensor Sleeve
/ Material
Dimensions, mm Connection
cable length, m
DCV-TEMP-TFR -20 °C to +60°C IP54 - 75W x 75H x 37D -
DCV-TEMP-TFR-E -20 °C to +60°C - - Built-in sensor of TFR -
DCV-TEMP-TFR-E -35 °C to +70°C IP20 - 84W x 84H x 23.5D -
DCV-TEMP-TFT -20 °C to +105°C IP43 Ø7 x 50mm / Brass - 1.9
DCV-TEMP-TFT-XL -20 °C to +105°C IP43 Ø7 x 50mm / Brass - 4.0
DCV-TEMP-TFA -20 °C to +85°C IP67 Ø6 x 50mm / Stainless steel - 2.0
DCV-TEMP-TFK -50 °C to + 120 °C IP65 Ø7 x 135mm / Stainless steel 50W x 65H x 44D -
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