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ASB Aerosound Acoustic Louvres – ASB
ASB Aerosound Acoustic Louvres
Detailed Information - ASB
Width Range
Height Range
[per m2 face area] [Kg]
200- 2400 500 - 2300  2009 36
Insertion Loss - ASB

The advanced design of the new Aerosound Acoustic Louvre achieves optimal acoustic performance while providing very low resistance to the air flow passing through it.

The Aerosound’s innovative design provides better acoustic performance & up to 40% less pressure loss than 300 & 400mm conventional acoustic louvres.

The revolutionary Aerosound acoustic louvre incorporates an innovative aerofoil shape blade design so pressure loss through it is minimal. By providing less resistance, the Aerosound can help maximize air flow into stand-alone plant rooms, return air intakes and generator rooms.

The Aerosound louvre achieves up to 40% less pressure loss than conventional acoustic louvres which can result in smaller louvre sizes being required.

It has a compact depth of only 200mm, making the Aerosound ideal for applications with confined spaces. It has been tested to ISO7235:2003 and proven to be a very effective sound barrier.

  • Only 200mm deep – easy to fit into plant room walls
  • Available in galvanized sheet, aluminum & long lasting stainless steel
  • Tested to ISO7235:2003

Fantech offer a complete range of high performance and weather proof acoustic louvres, including the 300mm deep SBL1 and 600mm deep SBL2 series.


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