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CC Series Circular Attenuators – CC030H
CC Series Circular Attenuators
Detailed Information - CC030H
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Insertion Loss - CC030H

The new ‘CC’ Series of Q-Tech high performance circular attenuators is the outcome of a testing and development programme in our insertion loss test facility.

Developed to provide high performances the ‘CC’ range is designed for a number of applications. Their prime use is for connecting to fans but they are also ideal for connecting to supply air grilles or positioned anywhere throughout a system where attenuation is necessary to remove noise generated by equipment. >

In all situations they provide a known and dependable insertion loss giving security to design engineers looking for quality installations in often difficult to handle situations.

All of this is provided at very economic costs.


The units are constructed from a unique combination of materials developed especially to provide high performance combined with light weight.

Spun end caps are designed for easy connection to a fan or ductwork, connecting ductwork can be rigid or flexible.


All units have been tested in accordance with BS4718:1971 for insertion loss. Air flow pressure loss data was obtained from tests conducted on a BS848:Part 1, 1980 test rig.

How to Order

Select the attenuator that is the size you require and provides the attenuation necessary. The model numbers shown provide the complete product specification.

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