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Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives


Variable Speed Drives (also known as Frequency Inverters) can be used to control conventional motors provided they have adequate cooling.

The control of conventional motors is more effectively done using frequency inverters which vary the motor speed by varying the frequency of the electrical supply.

Recent developments in power electronics have resulted in drive efficiencies as high as 98% being achieved with additional benefits of reduced noise levels, reduced harmonic distortion to supply, increased ratings and improved reliability.
Technical Data
Model Supply Motor Current Rating Enclosure Rating
Vacon 100 HVAC Three-Phase Three-Phase* 3.4 to 310 IP54
NXL Three-Phase Three-Phase* 3.3 to 61 IP54
Vacon 10 Single-Phase Three-Phase* 1.7 to 9.6 IP20
Vacon 10 Three-Phase Three-Phase* 1.3 to 12 IP20
Vacon 20 Single-Phase Three-Phase* 1.7 to 9.6 IP20
Vacon 20 Three-Phase Three-Phase* 1.3 to 38 IP20
Vacon 20X Three-Phase Three-Phase* 2.4 to 16 IP66
Vacon 100X Three-Phase Three-Phase* 3.4 to 72 IP66

* Only for motors that are 415V star/240V delta, the motors are then connected in delta
* Vacon 100X & Vacon 20X has an integrated mains switch

The units for single-phase supply can have a forward / reverse / stop / reset switch and LED status indicator. Some three-phase controllers, in addition to the above, can have a digital speed meter incorporated.

These speed controllers normally require the electrical cables to be shielded along their entire length to comply with regulations. Inform our Sales Engineers if an Inverter is going to be used so it can be ensured that all fan internal wiring is shielded to meet EMC requirements. Additional care must be taken if the inverter unit is mounted remotely from the fan being controlled.

Users Manual & Quick Guide
Model Users Manual Quick Guide
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