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Aviator 4.3" Graphic User Interface

Aviator 4.3


The 4.3” touchscreen has been designed as an intuitive and easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) for the Aviator MAX and MINI controllers. The GUI can be mounted up to 500m from the MAX or MINI controller, either on a mechanical service panel or on a wall in the control room.

This Aviator GUI supports 5 modes of operation:

  • Car parks with JetVent fans
  • Sports stadiums with HVLS fans
  • Sports stadiums with mixing fans
  • Warehouse facilities with HVLS fans
  • Warehouse facilities with mixing fans


Other Features

  • One 4.3" GUI can monitor one aviator controller
  • Main screen summarises the system status and includes highest pollutant sensor monitoring
  • Zone screens for each demand control area
  • Individual screens for every fan and sensor that is connected
  • Service setting and controller remote access screens
  • Mechanical Services Auto/On/Off touch screen control
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