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EC Speed Controllers

EC Speed Controllers


The manually adjustable, 0-10V speed controller has been specially developed for stepless speed adjustment of EC fans that accept a 0-10V control signal. It is available as a wall mount switch plate and a standalone controller for mounting on or near the fan enclosure

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Incorporates an enable/disable switch.
  • EC fans with integrated speed control can be activated directly.


The 0-10V speed controller is designed for 10VDC only. It requires a 10V (25mA) power supply

Technical Data
Model Number Maximum Amps mA Mounting Dimensions, mm
DCV-POT10K-WM 25 Recess 72W x 117H x 40D
DCV-POT10K-FM* 25 Standalone 110W x 35H x 135D

*The DCV-POT10K-FM is designed to be mounted on or near the fan enclosure.

Wiring Diagram
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