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Air Velocity Sensors

Air Velocity Sensors


The air velocity range of sensors has been specially optimised for non-aggressive gaseous mediums. The measuring head can be positioned within the duct in any direction. Velocity sensor is available in as 2 options; with a Ø12 x 200mm adjustable extension and with a 2 metre sensor cable.

  • Very high measuring accuracy from 0.15m/s.
  • Output of 0 - 10V or 4 - 20mA, proportionally over the respective measuring range.
  • Easy to mount using the mounting flange included
  • Requires 24V supply from control unit.
  • Measuring range and response time can be selected by altering the jumper settings.

Technical Data

Model Number Protection class Sensor head
(W x H x D) (mm)
Sensor cable (mm) Sensor cable (mm) Velocity range (mm)
DCV-AV-MAL1 IP65 (Head IP20) 80 x 80 x 35 Ø12 x 200 - 0-2m/s
DCV-AV-MAL1X IP65 (Head IP20) 80 x 80 x 35 - 2000 0-2m/s
DCV-AV-MAL10 IP65 (Head IP20) 80 x 80 x 35 Ø12 x 200 - 0-2m/s
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