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Aviator Max Controller Kit

Aviator Max Controller Kit


The Aviator MAX Control System is a tailored solution designed to efficiently manage the car park ventilation equipment. It has been developed to increase the energy efficiency of a car park, while ensuring the ventilation output is optimised. Aviator MAX works in conjunction with JetVent fans, CO and NO2 pollutant sensors, VSDs, supply/exhaust fans and the Building Management System. Its large capacity enables it to manage up to 50 JetVent fans within a maximum of 6 demand control zones.

Aviator MAX is a flexible Demand Control Ventilation system that comes factory preconfigured to suit the requirements of each car park. As the pollutant levels change within the car park over the course of a day, the Aviator system increases and decrease the fan speed to adjust the ventilation rate accordingly.

Aviator MAX can be configured to receive a fire alarm signal from the building’s fire system. This will start and stop the connected JetVent fans and supply/exhaust fans in accordance with the fire control strategy. Aviator’s easy to use interface enables the manual start/stop control of JetVent fans from the fire panel.

  • Connects to BMS - BACnet or Modbus for easy system monitoring
  • Optional integrated smoke detection system for quick shut down
  • Independent MSSB and Fire Panel connectivity
  • Capable of one fire zone
  • On/Auto/Off modes of operation
  • Connects up to 20 sensors; CO, NO2, temperature
  • Includes purge timer with real time clock
  • Utilises Ethernet networking for remote diagnostics
  • Simplifies on-site installation and commissioning

Aviator Max Control System Overview

Car Park Ventilation - Control System Strategy
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